Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Things around here have been busier then busy. With the weather getting nicer and nicer as the days go on I know that things will not be slowing down for some time. Definitely not complaining but it doesn't leave me much time for the whole blogging thing, but I am not going to give up. Someday I will be a consistent blogger but for now I will be sporadic and keep people guessing on how many months will go in between posts. I actually have a little notebook filled with ideas for weekly and monthly posts and ideas that I eventually be doing here on the blog. But for today I am just going to share some pics of things we have been up to lately.

 Lots of chalk drawings on the driveway
 Crocheting some special little ladies 1st Birthday gifts

 Hanging out with friends and looking for cool rocks by the lake

 Baking Spring themed cakes
 Making Doily blankets for birthday gifts
 Trying to redo my work space (which is still a work in progress)
 More crochet gifts
And making fairy houses for the backyard.

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