Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Monday...Oh wait, it's Tuesday

Man is it Tuesday already. Some times my weeks crawl by and others I have no idea where they go. This week seems to be going faster then usual, since I was convinced that it was still only Monday. :) We had a good weekend here, finally starting to kick the bug that has been living at our house for the past month or so. Just in time to start really enjoying the nice weather. I have been busy with custom orders, designing some new things, and getting ready to give my home a make over. I have been going over colors and patterns and all sorts of stuff and I think I will finally take the challenge of making my home just how I wanted. We have been at this house for a year in August, so I guess it is time.:) So now all I need now is a trip or two to some flea markets, spray paint and a gallon or two of wall paint and I will be all set.

I will definitely post some before and after pictures, but I probably won't be doing any such things until a couple of weekends from now. Getting ready to spend a weekend up north for the holiday and then going up north again the following weekend to celebrate the nuptials of some friends of ours. So we have a pretty packed schedule as it is. For now I will leave you with some eye candy.

 I been trying to do some kind of drawing/ painting type thing a day. So the one above I did yesterday and the one below I did today. Can anyone guess what I plan on doing with these. :)

This little guy is a custom order I just did. It is Jiggler from Adventure Time. Pretty happy how he turned out. :)

Here is Doom all finished. Now I just need to do up the other two guys. Honestly I think he has got to be one of my favorite creations.

 Here is picture of a blanket I have been messing around with. I decided I wanted to make it a bit bigger so I will be adding about 20 more squares, and then I need to sew it together and do the border. So it is far from being finished but it is getting there. :)

And last but not least some pre-Fourth of July fun. Got to love the sparklers. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

With all the new things I have been coming up with for the new shop, I have taken a good look at what it is I want to get out of this blogging thing. I mean I have done the "just family blog", that then became a mix of just oddities with me throwing some crafting things in there. Really it just became a big mess. So then I decided to just do a crafting/ work related blog, and to be honest it was just plain boring. I tried hard to keep all personal things out and solely focus on crochet things, and well I just didn't have enough things to blog about. I can only post so many pictures of the things I am crocheting and well I do a lot more things then just crochet. So I have been taking some time to really look at different blogs, some of them I have been following for quite some time and try to figure out what they did that was different. What I came down to is that I need a blog that has a healthy mix of both family, and work. I also need to come up with some type of "weekly post" that is fun and gives people a better understanding of who I am, what I do, and the people I love. Now that I have decided on what I want my blog to be, I just need to start to build that. It may be slow at first but hopefully in the next few months I will have everything under control and where I want things to be.

P.S. Just a warning, I am a terrible writer, I hate grammar and even with spell check I am still a horrid speller. Just don't say I didn't warn you. :)

And now I will leave you with some eye candy of what I have been working on lately. Some fun sketches, some new dolls, and just some randomness.
Newest Hoodie Doll, Totoro. Not to sure when I will be putting him up in the shop but hopefully soon. I am also working on some Final Fantasy Hoodies at the moment also.

This is the current face my daughter wares when you ask her to smile for a picture, I have no idea where she gets this from.

Here are both my littles enjoying some summer fun.

This is a sketch of my store mascot, I have yet to make a name for him

This is a custom order I just finished up, they actually have magnets in the sides so they can connect together.
Yummy Dango Number One

Yummy Dango Number Two

Here is a sketch I did of my daughter the other day. I was raining out and both kids wanted me to paint their pictures

And so here is the little man also

These little guys are my newest design. I drew them up last night, There names are Doom, Gloom and Muscles. I don't have a name for what kind of creature they are yet but that should be soon. I actually just finished drafting the pattern and making Doom today. I will post pictures soon. All I have to say is I love them lots.

Here is something I finished about a month ago, my Bomb Pop scarf by Twinkie Chan. Please forgive the blurry picture and yes that is me.

I finished these guys up this week also, my store mascot, he is a bit bigger then the normal Kawaii bears I make and I finally got around to making myself one of my Moogles.

This is a sketch I finished last night, I started about 7 years ago, but never finished, so now it is. :)

So there you have it. Hope that everyone has a great weekend. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Name, New Designs, Same KawaiiKutieKabooties

So as suggested by the title of this post things around here have been changing. I will be slowly closing down my KawaiiKutieKabootie Etsy shop only to move my items to my new shop Dangoku. More then likely I will just let things either sell out or expire in the old shop, but re-post new stock in the new store. Unfortunately Etsy doesn't make it easy for you to just change your shop name, and KawaiiKutieKabootie is well, a bit long, and hard to remember. Plus things have been going pretty well around here and a more professional look is called for I think. This also applies to the " Hi,KawaiiKutieKabootie" blog, I will no longer be posting on that blog, I will be leaving it "as is" other then one last post to direct people to the new blog. Sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully this is a start to some great new things. :)

Artist Introduction

Hi my name is Danielle aka "Shinsa" of Dangoku   Welcome to my Blog.                                        

I am a crochet artist/designer of all things cute. I love many different mediums, but a yarn and hook are my favorite things to work with.
When I was ten I was taught how to crochet blankets by my Mother. Before I even made a doll sized one I gave up because I thought that it was boring. Ten years later it was cool to make scarves, so I picked up the hook again and made a dozen or so scarves but, hey row after row of pretty much the same thing was boring so again it was put back on a shelve. About a year and a half ago, not sure why, I decided to pick it up again but I didn't want to do blankets or scarves I wanted to be able to make anything so I needed to learn how to read patterns. It took me a bit but now there are no patterns I cannot read, but I don't really use patterns any more. Instead I make my own patterns and design my own dolls, bears, and crocheted art hugely based on Pop Culture icons. I also have been diving deep into my love for Studio Ghibli and have been making some pretty cool art dolls based on characters for their movies. Not going to lie but I love them.  So hopefully everyone will enjoy my, not so organized, some times messy, or not kept up to date as well as it should be blog. Feel free to email me with any questions concerning my dolls, I also do commission work if anyone is interested. 
I also dabble in my love for Japan, anime and Lolita's which also can be seen in many of my finished projects.
My work not only can be found at my etsy shop, but if you are in the area of Milwaukee Wi there is an awesome shop in the historic ward downtown that carry some of my Studio Ghibli Art Dolls. It is a great artist shop and gallery. Everyone should check it out if they are ever in the area.
Here are some other artists that I admire and are inspired by...
Camilla D'Errico   you can check her things here   http://www.camilladerrico.com/blog/

Twinkie Chan you can check her things out here  http://www.twinkiechan.com/blog/

Chubby Bunny  you can find her things here    http://iamchubbybunny.wordpress.com/
Huge fan of all things Sanrio and Tokidoki