Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Monday...Oh wait, it's Tuesday

Man is it Tuesday already. Some times my weeks crawl by and others I have no idea where they go. This week seems to be going faster then usual, since I was convinced that it was still only Monday. :) We had a good weekend here, finally starting to kick the bug that has been living at our house for the past month or so. Just in time to start really enjoying the nice weather. I have been busy with custom orders, designing some new things, and getting ready to give my home a make over. I have been going over colors and patterns and all sorts of stuff and I think I will finally take the challenge of making my home just how I wanted. We have been at this house for a year in August, so I guess it is time.:) So now all I need now is a trip or two to some flea markets, spray paint and a gallon or two of wall paint and I will be all set.

I will definitely post some before and after pictures, but I probably won't be doing any such things until a couple of weekends from now. Getting ready to spend a weekend up north for the holiday and then going up north again the following weekend to celebrate the nuptials of some friends of ours. So we have a pretty packed schedule as it is. For now I will leave you with some eye candy.

 I been trying to do some kind of drawing/ painting type thing a day. So the one above I did yesterday and the one below I did today. Can anyone guess what I plan on doing with these. :)

This little guy is a custom order I just did. It is Jiggler from Adventure Time. Pretty happy how he turned out. :)

Here is Doom all finished. Now I just need to do up the other two guys. Honestly I think he has got to be one of my favorite creations.

 Here is picture of a blanket I have been messing around with. I decided I wanted to make it a bit bigger so I will be adding about 20 more squares, and then I need to sew it together and do the border. So it is far from being finished but it is getting there. :)

And last but not least some pre-Fourth of July fun. Got to love the sparklers. :)

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