Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Name, New Designs, Same KawaiiKutieKabooties

So as suggested by the title of this post things around here have been changing. I will be slowly closing down my KawaiiKutieKabootie Etsy shop only to move my items to my new shop Dangoku. More then likely I will just let things either sell out or expire in the old shop, but re-post new stock in the new store. Unfortunately Etsy doesn't make it easy for you to just change your shop name, and KawaiiKutieKabootie is well, a bit long, and hard to remember. Plus things have been going pretty well around here and a more professional look is called for I think. This also applies to the " Hi,KawaiiKutieKabootie" blog, I will no longer be posting on that blog, I will be leaving it "as is" other then one last post to direct people to the new blog. Sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully this is a start to some great new things. :)

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