Monday, May 21, 2012

Most Definitely A Cat Lady

I love my cats. I could sit and watch them, take picture of them and snuggle them all day long. To those who know me real well, you may think I have gone crazy, since I use to not like cats at all. In fact I was pretty afraid of them. I think back to those days and can't believe I ever felt that way. I am now a crazy cat lady who loves everything that has to do with cats, especially when it has to do with my own.

Spent the afternoon the other day making the cats a fun Tee Pee. Funny thing is they wouldn't stay out of it, that is until I pulled out the camera.
King Kyo
Princess Mana
Prince Haru

I was at least able to get a picture with one cat in the Tee Pee.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Things around here have been busier then busy. With the weather getting nicer and nicer as the days go on I know that things will not be slowing down for some time. Definitely not complaining but it doesn't leave me much time for the whole blogging thing, but I am not going to give up. Someday I will be a consistent blogger but for now I will be sporadic and keep people guessing on how many months will go in between posts. I actually have a little notebook filled with ideas for weekly and monthly posts and ideas that I eventually be doing here on the blog. But for today I am just going to share some pics of things we have been up to lately.

 Lots of chalk drawings on the driveway
 Crocheting some special little ladies 1st Birthday gifts

 Hanging out with friends and looking for cool rocks by the lake

 Baking Spring themed cakes
 Making Doily blankets for birthday gifts
 Trying to redo my work space (which is still a work in progress)
 More crochet gifts
And making fairy houses for the backyard.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Mini Top Hat Crochet Pattern

This is a fun and easy little project that can dress up your plush for a tea party or special occasion. Or this little hat is cute on it's own as just a little decoration piece. This is the first pattern that I have actual written out for someone else so please feel free to leave me feedback on how the pattern is and if it was easy to understand. :)

Mini Top Hat Crochet Pattern

Material Needed
Crochet Hook Size US G6/4.00mm
Vanna's Choice Yarn in Purple (or any type heavier weight yarn, if you do choose a lighter weight yarn your hat will be slightly smaller)
Scrap material, feathers, charms, buttons, sequins..... whatever you would like to embellish you hat.
Hot glue (to attach embellishments)

Abbreviations:  Ch = Chain    Sc = single crochet     Blo= Back Loop Only    Mc= Magic Circle
Dec= decrease    Inc= Increase     * = Repeat till end     FO = Fasten Off     Rnd = Round

Top of Top Hat
Start: Ch 15 connect to first chain to form a circle

Rnd 1-2: Sc Around (15sc)
Rnd 3: Sc 2, Inc* (20sc)
Rnd 4-5: Sc Around (20sc)
Rnd 6: Blo Sc 2, Dec* (15sc)
Rnd 7: Sc, Dec * around till the hole is no longer there. FO

Rim and Bottom  of Top Hat

Start:  MC 6sc
For instructions on how to make one of these check out

Rnd 1: Inc around (12Sc)
Rnd2: Sc, Inc* (18sc)
Rnd 3: Sc 2, Inc* (24sc)
Now take your two pieces and sew together, before finishing your stitching stuff the top of the hat so that it keeps its form. Now you can embellish your hat with what you would like (I chose vintage fabric and a little feather) and WaLa you have yourself one fancy little hat.

***This is an original pattern. Please use this pattern for personal use only.***

Enjoy <3 Shinsa

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Little Girls 3rd Birthday In Wonderland

 I love how my White Rabbit turned out (he will be showing up in the store in the very near future. Got to love my little nieces sweet smile in the background as well.

 The Alice Rag Doll I made for Rae
 Cardboard box doll tea table I made up for her
 Cute Paper Dolls from FantasticToys

 Crochet Top Hat

 I added the Hearts and Off White Lace to the $2.00 Halloween Costume
 Morning before Party, Tea Party
 Kain is such a good big brother helping his sister open her presents
 Getting partied out

 Reading with Daddy
 She would not just stand still so I could take a good picture of her in her outfit. She had to keep swirling around in a circle.

All together her party was a big hit. We had tons of fun and let me tell you this child made bank in the present department. :) It was a great way to celebrate such a special girl.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekly Wears...Alice in Wonderland Birthday Addition

So this is what I wore last Saturday for Rae's 3rd Birthday party. It was Alice in Wonderland theme so I thought it would be the perfect occasion to pull out the white bunny dress. (I have a thing for animal print dresses, esp if they have cats on them). Also please do not mind the background, I was in Rae's room since it had the best lighting at the time of day, and I have no idea what is streaked on the wall behind me, I have never noticed it before. :p

Dress: Hot Topic
White Dress Underneath: ModCloth
Sweater: Thrifted and I added the Heart patches
Tights: Target (there are little grey hearts on them though you can't see them real well in the picture)
Shoes: Goodwill
Bunny Broach: I whipped him up quick the night before may or may not end up in the store at some point

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ruche Closet Org. and Giveaway

Check out this fun idea over at Ruche (Plus they also have a fun $50 giveaway going on as well, I would love to add a few new pieces to my going to be clean and organized closet)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Playing Catch Up

So this past Saturday we celebrated my littest little's 3rd birthday. Things were busy. We had a house full of guest, lots of yummy food, and tons of Wonderland fun. Then on Sunday we needed to take advantage of the newly fallen snow covering and went sledding. So the house still has large tissue flowers, banners, teapots, and glitter littered all over. Also there is no school today so the oldest little is home so things have been a bit out of the norm and crazy. I still need to put decor away and upload the pictures from my camera. Some time this week I will be getting a weekly wears up and a post on the party. It may just be a little late in coming. :)

Happy Monday

<3 Shinsa

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas around these parts. We are finally getting the first real snow of the season here in Wisconsin. Not real thrilled about having to deal with the cold white stuff, but the joy on my kids faces I guess makes up for it. Both kids got sleds this year from Santa and have been quite bummed out since they haven't been able to use them. Well it seems like that is going to change.

The holidays may have already past but earlier this week I received a couple late gifts in the mail. I love getting packages in the mail, esp when inside there is something like this...

 My new camera case and my journal for the new year. I love everything at
 All the pages inside have different illustrations. It really is so cute.

I have yet to write in my new journal (I don't want to ruin the pretty pages, I will get over that soon enough though I think), and my camera is safe and sound in it's pretty new home. Now to get out the shovels and start to get ready to build us some snowmen.

<3 Shinsa of Dangoku