Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Little Girls 3rd Birthday In Wonderland

 I love how my White Rabbit turned out (he will be showing up in the store in the very near future. Got to love my little nieces sweet smile in the background as well.

 The Alice Rag Doll I made for Rae
 Cardboard box doll tea table I made up for her
 Cute Paper Dolls from FantasticToys

 Crochet Top Hat

 I added the Hearts and Off White Lace to the $2.00 Halloween Costume
 Morning before Party, Tea Party
 Kain is such a good big brother helping his sister open her presents
 Getting partied out

 Reading with Daddy
 She would not just stand still so I could take a good picture of her in her outfit. She had to keep swirling around in a circle.

All together her party was a big hit. We had tons of fun and let me tell you this child made bank in the present department. :) It was a great way to celebrate such a special girl.

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