Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekly Wears

Since I didn't really have anyone available to take my picture, and I have yet to read the manual to my camera to figure out how to set the timer, and my self taken self portraits are kind of scary, I did my outfit in pieces. It is a bit haphazard but it will have to work for now. At least I am sparing you the self taken portraits where I look like someone is about to mug me or ones where I am sure I have more chins then a normal person is supposed to have. :)

Dress: ModCloth (I got in fall when they had a big clearance type sale) It is real light and airy, the perfect dress to pile on layers with.
Sweater: Target (not on clearance but how could I pass up on such a lovely mustard yellow)
Belt: Local thrift store. (you will get used to seeing this belt since it is my all time favorite and I pretty much wear it with all my outfits)
Slippers: These Mukluks were a Black Friday treat for myself from Yonkers

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