Monday, October 3, 2011

Some More New Goodies

Here are some more of the new dolls that will be available ..... NEXT WEEK.

 Here is the last Final Fantasy Hoodies, but definitely be on a look out for some color variations and special edition dolls.
Here are the holiday Sparkle Dangos. Unfortunately you can't even tell that they are sparkly but take my word for it they are, and they are super cute!!
Things are real busy around here with me getting ready to start posting the new dolls, but really I enjoy making all the new designs. I plan on making more time for the blog and adding more family, craft and what not to it. I follow a lot of blogs and I love the Weekly Wears posts. I am not that stylish but I do have a style that is pretty unique (at least when I am not lazy and spend my days in yoga pants and sweat shirts). So I think every Wednesday I will be doing a weekly wears post. Just remember I have a pretty crappy camera that only seems to take good pics outside, and I am not very good at photographing myself. Either way it should be fun. Happy Monday All. :)

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